Meaning of Logo UNISDA




Details on Coat:


1. Coat form
The symbol is a five-sided shape with green base

2. Meaning of Colors
Coat UNISDA have 4 colors, each of which has a meaning:

  1. green, the religious and the mundane;
  2. yellow, means the triumph and achievement;
  3. black, mean istiqomah, consistent and firm;
  4. white, means sincerity in developing science.

3. Fill Coat

  1. ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY posts DARUL ‘Ulum LAMONGAN with cotton separator on the right and left
  2. circle
  3. one pair of yellow wings have a black base coat nine pieces
  4. one of the above
  5. circle barrel
  6. four books
  7. the dagger

4. Symbol Meaning

  1. pentagon show the outermost basic Pancasila state and a second pentagon shows Pillars of Islam
  2. black and white circle means a holistic science that requires no dichotomy between the various disciplines, as well as science and science world hereafter.
  3. one pair of yellow wings means high ideals. While the number of wing feathers as much as nine showed the highest number 9 and the meaning of symbols Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah
  4. one of the above means the triumph UNISDA all time.
  5. Genuk as a symbol of Lamongan district, which means UNISDA expected as it takes place every human sciences
  6. four books as expert guidance focused Islamic Sunnah wal Jamaah, which means UNISDA always adhered to the book of four schools
  7. keris as a symbol of heritage areas attributed as Sunan Giri entrusted to Adigoro (first ruler Lamongan) to be stored and maintained in the town of Lamongan. Means all, UNISDA always expected to have authority in existence and remained steadfast to the values ​​of the local tradition.
*) Symbol and the name has been registered with the Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights.

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